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IdahoTech exists to help those interested in technology in Idaho connect, stay connected, and have timely and valuable conversations.

A handful of reasons to get involved

The members list is a who's-who of Idaho technology, and you can direct message them whenever you want.

You want to be a mentor and help your peers with questions and guidance they may request on IdahoTech.

You are a tech entrepenuer and want to find someone who has "been there, done that" to bounce a couple of ideas off of.

You are new to the area and want to be quickly connected to the Idaho tech community. Or counter to that, if you live here and want to make yourself available as a resource to those moving here.

You live outside of the Boise area and want to be directly connected to things happening in Boise. Or counter to that, if you live in Boise and want to connect more with your peers in the rest of the state.

You are an engineer working through a problem, and want to quickly find out if the engineers at another local company have experienced something similar and can quickly help.

You want to grab coffee or a beer with a colleague to ask about a technology solution, modification to your scrum process, ask how they solve problem X, anything!

You would like a way to have a conversation with your peers at an event that will persist and not be lost in the noise. Imaging creating a channel at the next Hackfort, and weeks later having the conversation still available for reference, plus links and now direct connections and the ability to message those participants.

You are a high school or college student and want to connect with industry professionals for advice and to make connections as you work towards entering the job force.


IdahoTech.Community is a volunteer effort launched by me (J.D. Mullin) and was originally announced via an old blog post I have since taken down, but the content is pinned in the all-users channel.

If you need help or have questions feel free to email me.